Thursday, January 28, 2010

Yesterday on the eliptical....

So yesterday when I was at the gym, I decided to work out on the eliptical. I was watching the news. Normally I use my ipod and listen to fun music but I decided to plug my headphones into the TV. Well almost as soon as I plugged in the headphones, there was a story on about Marine's coming back from war and it showed their homecoming...I BURST into tears!!! I couldn't help it...What idiot cries while they are working out?!?! ME!!!
But i will tell you one thing, it made me think about his homecoming!!! I can't wait to start planning it even though it feels like forever away!

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  1. I was in tears a lot during our first deployment. Though, seeing a group return home always, almost always puts tears in my eyes. Most of the time, even if I'm traveling with Kel, I'm too choked up to thank the men and women in uniform I see in the airport. Yes, I'm a military wife myself, but these men and women are still worthy of my thanks and appreciation. Our time will come around again, soon enough. And this will make #3 for us.