Monday, January 18, 2010

Our first real weekend without Steve...

Well, it isn't the first weekend we are without Steve because we have dealt with drills and trainings etc...and really, this is our 2nd weekend down...but this is the first weekend we got out and did things!
Well first of all, we went out with my friend Carol on Friday night. We had a great time shopping and eating and catching up since it has been a long time since we had gotten together. Jonathan had a blast as well...he just loves Carol!
Then this weekend we spent it with my parents! We got to see my aunt and uncle and we hung out for most of the weekend. It was really nice to be with family but the nights are still excrutiating. It doesn't help that my mind wanders and I just think of Steve and how much I miss him...
But I got to see Randee and her parents and that was a lot of fun. Being with friends and family is always a cure for feeling sad. ***As a side note...I guess you have to speak in a wisper at a Kosher deli...we got SHOOSHED by some old Jewish ladies! HOW RUDE!!!
Then today, I met some new friends! Well, my friend Nancy had hooked me up with her cousin who is married to someone in the Army (Sarah and Mark) and their two daughters. Sarah has dealt with deployment with a little one and has been such a help to me and has been so encouraging! Well they are down in Orlando on vacation and got to meet them today. It was so nice to talk to someone who has pretty much been in the exact same spot as I am. Jonathan had a blast with them too. He took to the girls right away. The crazy thing is, he also took to Mark right away and Jonathan usually has a hard time connecting with other men. And it was so sweet to watch them play and rough house. But in the same respect, it really broke my heart because Steve should be the one doing that with him. I wasn't mad at all because it melted me that he would take his time out of his vacation to make some special time for Jonathan, like knowing what Jonathan was going through. I guess I am rambling right now but it was just a very touching moment.
Overall it was a decent weekend. Unfortunately, I didn't do any work for school or grad school...but that's okay...I can play catch up tomorrow!

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  1. I am so glad you had fun with my family! I hope it was a nice break to be around people who truly understand.....maybe a chance for you to let your guard down and relax for a minute! I can't wait to see you in a few weeks! HUGS to you my friend!