Sunday, January 10, 2010


Well I just finished watching the Patriots lose...that in itself does not make me happy...but today I am just angry so it is even worse. I am angry that the Pats lost. I am angry that Steve isn't here to watch his Packers in the later game. I am angry that the Army decided that Steve needed to be on this mission. I am angry that there is so much unknown during this next year. I know anger is a totally normal feeling during deployment but it is an emotion that I don't normally feel so feeling it makes me sad.
The "good" thing is that Jonathan seems to be handling this well so far. I think we may have prepped him enough. During his last 2 times of being away (first for 6 weeks then for 4), Jonathan was constantly saying that he missed his daddy and asking where he was and when he was coming home. This time,he is telling me where Daddy is and that he is gonna be gone for lots and lots of days. I know he misses him, especially at bedtime, where Steve will normally lay with him after we finish the bedtime routine. But Jonathan is really amazing me. He is such a strong little boy and I am very proud of him. He may be handling it better than I am! I have 2 very amazing guys!

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