Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My emotions are all over the place...

Today I felt really good. I have made a decision...I am getting myself into great shape! I have to for so many reasons...I want to look HOT when Steve comes home (I know I know...silly...)...I have quite a few races I want to run over the course of the next year, Steve and I want to train to run a marathon together...I need to be healthy for my family and for myself.
So I felt good going to the gym today. I have a goal and I am ready to surpass it! But then I got home and got Jonathan fed and bathed and into bed and then I just started missing Steve so much! It just hits me so much at night...no matter how happy I am or how good of a day I had...
But I AM very excited for Steve to hopefully be coming home at the end of February for a few days. We are going to go away for the weekend to Tampa I think...go to the beach...maybe Busch Gardens...but whatever it is, it is going to be such a special time.
I got such a great compliment today. A friend from high school sent me a message on facebook. She wanted to tell me that I am a good writer and that she really got a sense of my emotions and what it must be like to be an Army wife. That is EXACTLY what I was hoping would come out of this blog. I want to be able to help one woman, one Army wife, anyone know what happens on a day to day basis when your husband is away fighting for our freedom. I want to thank everyone for reading this. I truly have great friends and family!

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