Sunday, March 21, 2010

Summer Plans

So I booked my tickets to go up north over the summer! I was very excited. I thought about holding off until Steve found out about his leave but I booked them knowing that I could change it at any time. I know Steve said he would fly to wherever we are but, I don't like to say this, but I think I want to be selfish! I don't want to share our time together!!! I know there are people that will want to see him, but I can't apologize for how I feel.
Soooo, I talk to Steve a few days later...guess when his leave is...YUP you guessed it! Right during our trip up north! So I changed my flight and we will be up north in June instead of July...WORKS FOR ME!
That will be such an exciting time for us! Jonathan and I will get to see our family and friends up north, come home for about a week and then Steve will be, the question I try to surprise Jonathan again...he may know as soon as we get to the airport!!!

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  1. SOUNDS like it worked out really well...I would try for the surpise and see how or where it goes....have some fun with it.....sounds like you have a great summer planned...