Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Feeling sad....

So, the day Steve went back to Texas, he went out in the morning to get us bagels because his flight wasn't until the afternoon. Before we brought him to the airport, he had to get back into his Army uniform so he left his barely worn clothes on the bed.
After I got home from hanging out with Jonathan after dropping off Steve, I found his clothes on our bed....I sat on the bed and just held them for awhile. They smelled like him. The smell that I smell when I would hug him, the smell that I would smell, when he would sit next to me on the couch...
Well, I have to admit I haven't washed the shirt...I hold on to it every night when I sleep just to feel close to him. I know it must sound pathetic but it is really comforting. But, the shirt is losing it's smell and it is making me really sad...that is how I feel today....


  1. Aw, that does not sound pathetic at all, Sounds very sweet and Romantic!I love you

  2. I agree with sure doesn't sound sounds like love and it sounds very comforting....Put it in a plastic bag....maybe the smell will last longer....hang tough!