Sunday, March 7, 2010


What a day I had today!!! I couldn't sleep last night. I am not sure if it was anticipation or what but i probably got a couple hours of sleep. So at 3:50am, I was up and getting ready to go! Stephanie slept over to watch Jman in the morning and to bring him to the finish line. I left my house around 4:10 and with all the traffic, I was parked around 5:05am. By the time I walked to the start line and got myself situated it was almost 5:45. My time to start the race was 6:21 so I had time to just stretch, warm up (it was in the low 40s), and have some time to think and take it all in. This race was HUGE for me...never in my whole life did I ever think that I would be running in a half marathon. And, never in the recent past, would I have thought i would do it without Steve.
I was overcome by emotion quite a few times this morning. The first time was when they were showing this couple on the big screen they had set up. It was a soldier and his wife, who was on crutches. He had a sign on his backpack and it said "Running for my injured princess." It brought tears to my eyes... I know, if Steve were here and I were hurt, he would do it for me as well, without a question asked! Then, of course, the National Anthem was sung and that made my tear up...always does!
What was most overwhelming for me was the support of all the athletes. I was wearing a homemade shirt that stated that I am running for my husband who is overseas serving our country. It had a picture of us on "see you later" day as well as the service flag. I would say that at least 100 people stopped to either tell me thank you, to tell me to tell Steve thank you, or God bless our family. It just was amazing how many people truly are appreciative of what a military family goes through. A few people stopped to tell me that they have a loved one over there and it was so special to share in that moment with them!
There were times in the race that I couldn't imagine finishing, where I wanted to stop, but I never let myself. I probably ran about 1/2 the time and walked 1/2 the time...but I did it, I finished! I thought about Steve and Jonathan and all of my family and friends who were so proud of me and I realized that I am proud of myself!!!
Right now, I am really tired and sore but other than that, I feel great...I am already excited about finding another one to run! I also know that when Steve comes home, we will run it together!

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