Sunday, July 25, 2010

It has been a day....

I don't know what is going on...I spent most of the day with a tummy ache and after Jonathan went to bed, I spent the evening on and off crying. I know it is common to have up and down days but today...UGH! I guess the biggest thing getting me down right now is that it just seems like FOREVER until Steve walks back in this door. I know it is less time now then we have already had to deal with but it just seems so overwhelming right now.
Maybe once I become "gainfully employed" again, things will have a brighter look...oh I hope so! I keep a smile on my face for Jonathan... I do what I can because that is all I can is what I HAVE to do. It is what an Army wife does every day, especially during deployment.
I really do love being an Army wife, but sometimes I am not a fan of the Army...if that makes any sense.

On another note....I finished 2 GREAT books this past week...Eat, Pray, Love...VERY inspirational and moving. The 2nd was The Notebook...I read it in 2 days and loved every word of it!
I need to find something Funny or uplifting to read so if anyone has any suggestions...I am all ears!

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