Thursday, April 1, 2010

Such a sweet moment...

Yesterday when I picked up my mail after being away for a few days I had a little note from the post office saying I had an oversized envalope waiting for me. I couldn't think of what I would be getting and it totally intrigued me. Could it be an early birthday present??? Could it be a package for Jonathan???
So I picked it up today and when the person at the post office gave it to me, I saw it was addressed to Steve and the return address was from his old unit in Orlando. I can't say that I wasn't disappointed. I so badly thought in the back of my head that it was something from Steve for me. I politely thanked the gentleman and walked out; package in one hand, Jonathan holding the other.
When we got into the car, I figured I had better open it, just incase it was an important document or something Steve might need overseas. When I opened it, I realized that I had been all wrong! It WAS for me!!! Well not intentionally but it sure felt like it was just what me and Jonathan needed! Last JULY Steve had professional pictures taken at his unit, and that is what was in the package!
So, Jonathan had a really hard afternoon today...It started off that he was overtired but overall, I really think he was just missing Steve. So I cut out one of the pictures and let him bring it to bed. While we were reading our story and saying our prayers at bedtime, he held it, stared at it, and then said, "I love you daddy, I miss you daddy" and proceeded to give it a kiss and then kiss his finger and put it on the picture. I can't tell you how much I wanted to burst into tears but I held it together. I could see in his eyes that he really wanted to be with Steve. Heartbreaking! But it made me smile to know that this picture was helping him feel closer to Steve. I wish I had something that made me feel like Steve was closer...(for those of you who have been following, Steve's shirt officially does not have his scent any longer but I still can not wash it yet).

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