Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My birthday

My birthday was a day I was dreading. I was really excited on the one hand because my sister was going to be here...on the other hand, without Steve, I felt like a little piece was missing from day. He sent me two different things and they both were super special but for different reasons. On Monday, my sister told me their was a box waiting for me. When I got home I opened it and it had a SHIRT!!! For those who haven't been following my blog closely, I had a shirt from Steve (already worn) and it smelled just like him! I slept with it every night but it finally lost his smell. I was really heatbreaking for me because it helped me sleep. So now I have another one!!! I have been sleeping so much better with it.
Then yesterday, on my actual birthday, I was called up to the office and there was a delivery for me! Steve sent my flowers!!!!!! This is awesome because it was the first time he has ever sent them to me! They are beautiful purple roses! I am so excited!!!
My friends and family really made the day special for me. I still felt a little lost without my better half here to celebrate with me but it is okay, I know next time I celebrate being a year older...HE WILL BE HOME!!!!
My sister and I have been having fun together and we have plans for the rest of the week/weekend until she flies back to MA. I am really excited because she and my friend Carol talked me into celebrating 31 this weekend with my friends so we are all going to Jellyrolls which is a dueling piano bar at Disney! Should be a lot of fun!!!

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