Monday, February 1, 2010

Jonathan has a way with words...

Usually about once a day, Jonathan will tell me that he misses his daddy. It breaks my heart. So my answer to him is usually "I know baby, I miss your daddy too..." and he argues with me and says, "my daddy is Steve, your daddy is Papa. You miss Papa."
From a 3 year old's mind, it totally makes sense.
BUT then there is the time that Jonathan will ask me for something (a lolipop at 730 in the morning, a TV show at 730 at night before he goes to bed) and I say no. So then he gives me a pouty lip and tells me, "I miss my daddy...can I have___?"
He REALLY knows how to work it!
I love him and don't know how I would be going through this without him! He brightens my days and always gives me something to look forward too...even if it is also looking forward to a girls night out without him! <3

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